Parent Testimonials

Like many kids, my son had trouble focusing.  He would try and do a pushup, but could only do one.  He would get tired easily and then get frustrated.  He wanted to try martial arts, so I looked around and thought I would try Eastside Dojo.  I got lucky, because the first day was troubling because I had to watch my son not be able to do what the other kids, his age, could do.  Then Ken Scialo, the head coach (Sensei), came over to me after the class was over and said he will get stronger.  It will take time, but he will get stronger.  Over the months, with a lot of help and patience from Ken, and Russ Hogan, he did get a lot stronger.  The transformation of his balance and coordination was amazing, and I know he has only begun.  Beyond his physical accomplishments on the judo mat, he can focus, he laughs and gets along with kids and this is because he is confident, believes in himself and has become more assertive, and that is due, in a big part, to Ken and Russ.  My son just received his end of the year school report card.  He received all A’s and one B.  This was a big change from the beginning of the year with one B and all C’s.  I attribute a lot this to Judo.    In addition, the other coaches, Bruce Fowler and Fred Zeeck, at Eastside Dojo, are great as well. The quality and time that the coaches at Eastside Dojo put into their school is amazing, and I am thankful for it. 

~ Shaun and Angela Smith

The transformation we have seen in our son since joining the Eastside Dojo has been simply amazing.  Through Eastside Dojo’s unique combination of physical and mental conditioning, he has dramatically increased his self-confidence, strength, balance, and overall athletic ability. While judo competition is an individual sport, it is impossible to improve without the full reliance on a team and quality instructors. We are lucky to have both at Eastside Dojo and have been thrilled to see not only the physical growth, but also the growth in teamwork, respect for both teammates and opponents, and a self-motivation and discipline that only an intricate sport such as judo can create.  A huge thanks to Ken, Russ and all of the Eastside Dojo instructors for all they do! 

~ Chris and Valerie Tyler

Our son has played all the major sports (soccer, basketball, football and baseball), but none has had a greater impact than Judo. Eastside Dojo provides him a pressure free environment to develop his skills in a life changing sport. There are no screaming or self indulgent coaches to discourage the kids from the sport while they develop their skills.  The humility of Ken Scialo, Russ Hogan and other black belts who assist in instructing the kids are a pleasure to watch. At Eastside Dojo we have witnessed many kids with little to no athletic experience develop intogreat athletes with great confidence, great work ethic, great character and last but not least great Judo players. Judo is truly a sport for everyone and Eastside Dojo is a great place to start. 

~ Nick and Amy Vuong

My boy has been training at Eastside Dojo now for 4 years; one of the smartest decisions I've ever made for my son. Several of the students are Nationally ranked, why? It's simple, the instructors at Eastside Dojo are extremely knowledgeable of their profession and they love their kids! It is evident in how each child is prepared for each and every tournament. The belt ranks here are not given away, they are earned through hard work, discipline, education and leadership.   I am more impressed that this is a school where discipline through proper teaching is imposed in comparison to yelling for the attention of the students, not here. The children are learning not only how to defend themselves but they are learning valuable lessons in leadership, self-discipline and physical fitness. Eastside Dojo is not only a school, but for those of us who have been there for a while, we all understand that Eastside Dojo is a family! 

~ Carlos DeLaGarza

The Eastside Dojo family creates an encouraging and positive atmosphere for all the students.   We joined the organization a few short months ago, but there was an immediate impact on our kids from the first night.   We easily noticed a growth in their athleticism, confidence, respect, and support for one another.  There are more “high fives” and “pats on the back” from other Judo students than we have witnessed in any other sport that our kids have tried. The instructors are very patient and maintain a high level of discipline, while they work with each student ensuring they perform movements correctly.   Our son struggled during conditioning for the first couple weeks, but now he smiles and waves to the sidelines after every sit-up (as if to say, “this is easy”).  Our daughter can’t wait to take on any challenger, and has an extra sparkle in her smile when she lands a good throw.   Both our kids have the highest respect for Ken, Russ, and the other instructors, and they truly enjoy each and every practice.  

~ Beau and Sara Jennings

We chose Judo as an aid to improve my son’s mental focus and physical strength because my son had a minor ADHD and poor athletic ability. We found Eastside Dojo provides what I was looking for: Eastside Dojo has a very high coach to students ratio and provides almost one on one teaching for the beginners. Coaches Ken and Russ and all other coaches are very passionate and skillful in teaching Judo and also very friendly. They are also successful professionals in other careers. After 2 years of practicing Judo, my son indeed demonstrates enhanced attention and he can sit for hours in study thanks to the improved endurance. The benefit was obvious at school – he becomes more modest and respectful, which result in much better relationships with teachers and friends. My son is now much stronger in body and mind and. He grew 5 inches since he started Judo two years ago at 12 and he stands now 6 ft 1 tall when he turns 15. The biggest benefit is that he enjoys himself in Judo and feels more confident. My son says he would never quit Judo and continue learning. 

~ Beomsu Kim

Our son Dylan has been at Eastside Dojo for over two years and the experience has been magnificent. Ken and Russ are terrific teachers and ambassadors to this great sport of Judo.  Our son has made great progress not only with Judo but also in school, team sports, and at home since joining Eastside Dojo.  In his time at the club he has transformed physically and is now more focused and alert.  Judo is now a very big part of our family thanks to Ken, we have met many great friends traveling with the club to compete in tournaments. We are very grateful to have found Ken and Eastside Dojo.  

~ José & Kathy Colón

As parents, we attempt to do everything in our power to support our kids with their happiness, education, and personal safety. We felt that martial arts could provide them added self-defense and self-control, and decided to enroll them in Eastside Dojo. We have watched them mature in many ways since joining the Dojo, and there is an immense level of respect and support that trickles down from the owner, Ken Scialo, to his instructors, to the older students, and down to the youngest of students. Both my son and daughter simply love it!  They are learning and practicing important life qualities like discipline, patience & self control.   We are thankful for the caring yet competitive atmosphere of Eastside Dojo.   

~ Fred and Kacy Zeeck