Kids in Judo

Judo is a great sport for kids. Attending judo classes will increase strength and coordination as most sports will. However, throwing techniques are unique to judo and the emphasis in judo on learning and mastering falling techniques are simply not done in other sports. These are true life skills that will enhance participation in other sports and activities throughout a judokas life.

Even more important than the physical skills learned in judo class, are the skills of cooperation and partnership. Though judo is a sport where participants fight each other, in practice there is no learning or improving without cooperation and partnership. The classes at Eastside Dojo emphasize this. All judo drills are done with a partner, the tori (person performing a technique)  and the uke (person receiving the technique). Everyone wants to be a good tori, but being a good uke is essential for learning and we will instill that in our students. As well, bigger or more experienced kids are taught to help younger or smaller kids. While we want to see kids in judo class become more athletic and learn judo technique, more important is for them to learn how they improve and how they can affect the improvement of others.